The Disgusting Secret Your Favorite Restaurant is Hiding from You

The next time you visit your favorite place to eat and immerse, I want you to review the menu and ask the waitress/waiter one question, “hi, I have intestinal health issues and how the food is prepared is important, does the kitchen use the microwave?” More times than not they will pause and grudgingly admit yes they do.

You may be thinking, “but I use one at home!” Yes, and you should stop. You should also be confirming if your dining spot is too.

Nutrients already take a beating due pesticides, herbicides and more. Using the microwave will remove the remaining nutrient value. The chemical structure is altered and it’s really questionable if it’s even food entering your mouth anymore.


Hot spots are such a concern with microwaved food, doctors have strongly suggested to never heat baby’s bottle in it. It takes a bit longer but take a pot of water and place the bottle in it for even heat distribution and sustainable nutrition.

Hot spots have caused burns- and there is something concerning in using a plastic or cover to protect food when using the microwave. It can permeate carcinogenic toxins.

While the FDA aka Feed Death Abundantly says microwaves emit very little radiation, it has been shown by non-profit organizations that radiating food can also affect those standing nearby. Here are a few studies and white papers on the harms: The precautions are pretty insane.

And yet people toss in their food into this food-killing machines. When food becomes nothing, because everything is radiated and dried-up, you are eating an inedible item that cannot be fully digested into your system.

Your homes are the issue, but the bigger issue is how heavily restaurants depend on this tool. They should be providing fresh dishes that are made from scratch, trust me, many are not. From diners to big chains, most seem to have this knack. Want to know the only places I found that did not use microwaves? Vegan and vegetarian specialty diners.

Do your homework and don’t be a blind sheep.


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