America’s Love for Excusing Obesity and Embracing It Is a Sick Concept

Lately, there has been dire need to skinny shame mothers or other women who work out regularly and manage their fit lifestyles. These naysayers of health will be the first ones to support an obese woman talking about “healthy body image.” There is NOTHING healthy in obesity. This topic is so passionate to me, I get angry thinking about the lameduck excuse Americans use continually.

Stop supporting obesity and obese women and men like it’s something awesome everyone else should embrace. It’s not. It’s not admirable, it’s not “healthy,” and it sure as hell isn’t excusable.

americas-obesity-epidemic-HFR obesitystats Obesity-AmericaWe have become an ass-backwards country on the theory of health and an active lifestyle. We have accepted when someone tells us to lose our fatass, that is criminal. It isn’t. Obesity should never be an endorsement to loving yourself. It should be an endorsement to get healthy because you love yourself. It should mean that active movement – stand-up desks, yoga balls, leg lifts, walking, bicycling should become a fundamental effort in our lives.

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These stats seem to do little to dissuade the thought process of those too busy providing obligatory support to a lardass online. Instead they are told “you’re beautiful inside and out! You’re powerful! I admire you! I wish I could own my curves that way.”

Let me give you some real insight. Marilyn Monroe is NOT a realistic staple for promoting obesity in America. She was at most 120 pounds – and the sizes back then compared to those today? She would be considered a size 8 in today’s sizes or even smaller. Stop passing this myth around:

This is Marilyn Monroe. She was considered atypical because of her nipped waist, flared hips and bigger than average bosom. She was not fat. She would be considered one of those “skinny bitches” you hate today.


These gals are not Marilyn Monroe. They are emphasizing a “positive body image.” This is wrong. They should love themselves ENOUGH to understand when it’s time to go out walking and changing their diet to healthy greens, lean meats and nuts. *Faces purposely blurred.

fat bikinis

There is loving yourself and loving the idea of yourself. The idea of yourself is never a good point of control. It means you exude what you don’t feel, but promote it, because you know you will have supporters. Bad habits should not be embraced, yet it is. Should we start embracing cocaine addicts? How about meth heads? How about alcoholics? Shouldn’t we tell them just do it, because they love themselves! Or are we too busy saying “please stop, you are loved. Love yourself enough to stop and get better.” Obesity works in the same train, folks.

We promote processed foods over healthy grains, plant based decisions and lean cuts of meat. We promote embracing what will kill us too early and create additional costs for the country. We promote hate towards those who promote healthy eating and living a clean lifestyle. We have said “fuck you” to our fellow, hungry humans across the world to have another slice of pecan pie.

We have become a nation of consumers. A nation lacking production. A nation of excuses and shaming those who promote a lifestyle everyone should embrace.

We have promoted the handicap/disabled placard to the young and obese and take a spot from a mother pushing her son’s wheelchair. We have promoted using the electrical carts to go shopping than burn some calories to walk. We have endorsed surgeries to fix hearts that simply needed more than our love of fast food.

If you’re pissed off about this article, then it means you or someone you love needs to change their aspect of loving themselves. Because trust me, somewhere in the inside they are getting lost. What happens when a nation becomes obese, dependent and die young? Versus what happens to a nation that becomes healthy, workouts and eats well? Bye-bye McDonald’s.

Watch this video and let me know how loud the excuses are.


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