Stop Supporting a Crowdfunding Slob After Reading a Shitty Article

It amazes me how stupid people can be. It shouldn’t actually stun me, but it still surprises me. People get caught up into their emotions and before you know it start agreeing to give a perfect stranger some cash for some reason or another because their article went viral. Cut the shit out.

Yes, I get supporting a cause you believe in – but some of the stupidest shit exists that has reached funding capacity. These are my top 5 annoying, fuck you, funds:

1) TLC turned to the public and even Katy Perry dumped $5,000 to their musical cause. More than $430,000 has been added to the GoFund account of the previously famous group TLC to create a final record. They needed only 400 backers and received more than 4,000. Somewhere, someone who needed a new set of teeth to prevent oral damage thanks you. I love TLC, Waterfalls was great – but this is the shit that pisses me off. They were top of the charts famous and should at the very least, take what they don’t need, and deposit it into a kid’s music and arts program.

2) This bitch is a reason you need to stop weeping after a fucking news story! Crime Feed talks about the disgusting antics of Kelley Johanneson. This sick pig shaved her head, and set up a GoFundMe account and claimed she had stage 4 cancer. As you can guess she did not have it.. Not only did she collect $4,400 from suckers with a need to appease whatever inner guilt they have, she also attended fundraisers. Verify the cause and know the person to some degree outside of what some news person said.  Read more about this despicable bitch over at Crime Feed

3) Gabrielle Wathen aka greedy bitch  was pretty pissy (but she was playing!) when she set up a GoFundMe account to cover her Uber fare. Because, you know the millions of homeless people totally have this problem. She earned $600 from suckers with a lost heart for the right cause in life. This idiot of life states she decided to go out and party for her birthday and ended up with surge pricing and couldn’t pay her rent! Boohoo. People stop supporting this bullshit, it’s angering. Read more about this story over at Daily Mail

4) I was thrilled the Baba Invisible Panties aka the clear bra straps with Kleenex failed hard on Kickstarter. The fact it even gained $130 was angering – if you feel the need to spend frivolous funds, visit a wholesale club, pick up some diapers, wipes and formula and take over to a women and children’s shelter.

5) Somewhere a family is sitting on the floor in their home, wondering what to have for dinner from their meager supplies. They’re exhausted, stressed and worried. Then, there are people like Carrie Kizuka who thought “omg lemme like create a GoFund-allabout-ME account for a squirrel tattoo.” People flocked to this idiot’s page and paid her $655 to get it started. The tattoo, by the way? Looked like shit. She also said she didn’t want to “use” her money, after all she just finished her PhD! Gosh, how selfish of me to consider she should.

Final Word

I urge you to please understand the substance of humanity and humility. It’s not funny when there are hungry kids out there. It’s not fun and games when a woman escapes an abusive husband and faces an uncertain life. It’s not entertaining when you think of the men out on their asses from jobs and facing suicidal thoughts.

Human race get your shit together.


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