Walmart Redneck Fight Funny and Not and Why

Like many of you I have watched the most embarrassing Walmart video yet to surface. Firstly, there’s this heifer blonde riding on a motorized scooter – you know the one intended for HANDICAP people. This nasty looking idiot wheels over and says “you want it?” Suddenly, she throws a punch at the brunette.

Little Johnny is then instructed to punch said heifer “in the fucking face.” The 6-year-old joins in the melee to issue some punches per his model mother.

The issuance of rednecks embarking on Walmart is further stereotyped. Head over to Live Leak to watch part 1 and 2 of this wondrous sport of stupid. The spectators are avoiding interfering into the fight and I can’t blame them.

These two redneck fuckers will likely turn on the person who tries to help.

Amber Stephenson called WZPL and identified herself as the brunette. She said the fake handicap blonde called a Walmart employee a “nigger” and she was angry with it. She said the blonde told the employee she would get out of her chair and kick her ass.

Unlike mainstream media, no we don’t block quotations or words used. Why? They were said, we’re merely reporting.

Lawd she can walk! Praise!
Lawd she can walk! Praise!

Amber says the guy who took the video showed it to police who laughed it up.

Walmart claims sure they have security but coincidentally they were JUST showing up to work when the fight ended. It seems this particular Walmart in Beech Grove, IN is considered a city embarrassment and a public nuisance. Fox 59 reports 789 police calls were made between Feb. to Dec. just last year. 486 police calls have been made since Jan. 2015 to present day.

It appears Walmart is earning a stereotype for housing rednecks, theft winners and people who love to fight.

Amber said she paid for her stuff and left the store with her “straight A” son.

I don’t care about these two idiots fighting, after all they must like the idea of going viral based on their ill-fitting yoga pants and spank-worthy kid, but involving the kid was a bad idea.

If the blonde did drop a racial slur, I can imagine her pathetic ass earned a beat down. She did after all steal a chair from someone in need. Like a 500 pound person. Those people on crutches don’t need a chair at all.


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