The Location Updaters and Tagger Whores on Facebook

Have you ever rolled out bed wincing as your aging body comes to grips from its mini sleep death and faced Facebook with immediate aggravation? That moment you log in and some fucktard from dipshit village has tagged you in a photo you wouldn’t reveal to your closest friend. The groan-worthy image is enough for you to contemplate untagging yourself, but what will people think of you?

Who cares. Untag it and call it a day.

Then there’s those on Facebook who provide a play-by-play status update of every place they have visited. Oh look, Tommy is at that swanky restaurant – oh my gawd, he’s so trendy. Grow up tagger whores.

There is this need to be acknowledged, known or important on Facebook. I don’t get it, and I hope many of you don’t.

There used to be this thing called MEMORY. It was ingrained and remembered for later review. It highlighted the beautiful moments, the fun moments and more. It has been replaced by handheld illustrations of bullshit. I just don’t get it.

But, I can provide simple tips for you to avoid become the talk behind your back and wondering why:

  • Stop tagging people without their permission. Learn to ask – it’s just rude otherwise. Many people face insecurities and don’t need your idea of importance to overrule what they want.
  • Stop tagging every fucking place you visit. It makes you appear as a gluttonous asshole that has little to do but ignore those you’re around and immerse in the nonsense of you.

Memory. Enhance it without a phone.


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