The Target Mom Who Became Offended by an Aisle Sign

Feminism has taken this awkward approach of being a judgmental bitch when the rest of world should be concerned with here and now. Granted not all bitches are feminists and not all feminists are bitches – before I get pounced, yes men can be bitches too. I digress.

Abi Bechtel made waves because she shopped at Target and became horribly offended at their aisle labeling of toys. How dare a retailer who thrives on marketing innuendos dare place a sign identifying building sets and *gasp* girls’ building sets!

Her maybe It, since calling her a her may seem offensive since gender is relative?
Her maybe It, since calling her a her may seem offensive since gender is totally stereotypical.

During this time as Abi was consuming herself to gluttony with an eye for social media whoring, this is what was happening around the world:

  • 9 million children, under the age of five die every year in third world countries due to preventable conditions like affordable access to health care or clean drinking water. Source: World Health Organization.
  • 1.6 million children right now in America are homeless. They are also more likely to develop acute and chronic illnesses. Source: National Center on Family Homelessness.
  • An astounding 800+ million people around the world do not have enough food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Source:

Yet, here we are. Tuning in and vamping up the next attention whore who is making her self-righteous and self-involved behavioral pattern a seemingly despicable game of heroism. Abi loathes things like reality. Honestly, she does.

After all being told her way of life is marred with inconsistencies not befitting of furthering humanity would be crass, no?

Or maybe she’ll tout about that time she wrote a check or experienced a pothole in her otherwise self-satisfactory life.

Ah, America. The land of the greed, the land of the selfish and the obligatory sense of desire to Tweet how we feel. Could you imagine if this woman would have instead talked about visiting a third-world country and seeing their living conditions?

Oh Abi, if you only understood…had you purchased a building set, regardless in pink, red, blue, white, etc. you could have turned it over to a child who could give two fucks on their gender assignment as depicted by corporate America and further emphasized by your inability of grasping reality.

Loathsome example of Americanism. No wonder we’re hated.




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