Caitlyn Jenner – the No News Everyone Wants

I have been aware of the LGBT community for decades, and honestly? I just don’t give a damn who you want to love, fuck, cheat on, etc. At the end we’re all flawed individuals and if we find someone stupid enough to deal with them, well, hang on tight. Which leads me to the newest news that isn’t news, but you made it news:


It’s always awesome when someone discovers who they are. After all my kid wants to be a garbage man, doctor and video game tester all at once. I am sure once he discovers who he is, we’ll cheer and slap him on the back for encouragement. We have placed self-involved acts as heroism – and yet I am confused in this instance.

Caitlyn discovered after 60+ years she was tired of being a man and living a lie. Okay, fine – but millions of people face that truth daily. Sorry Caitlyn, you’re not a trailblazer, you just joined a long line of people coming clean – except many of them didn’t fuck over a wife. Was that crass? Sorry. People tend to pigeon hole Kris Jenner, and don’t get me wrong – her resting bitch face makes me feel like playing golf on it, but that’s besides the point.

We give too much attention to shit that doesn’t matter. Not calling Caitlyn shit, just the fact we call it news. Great, congrats, grace some covers, but to monopolize the airwaves and see an assload of memes dedicated to Caitlyn from her supporters regarding her decision sickened me. Why don’t you fuckers look up real news and figure it out:

Each and everyday numbers of children missing, dying – our fellow humans dying from a lack of water, and women being found dead after a crazy-ex located them, continue to grow. Stop falling into this ludicrous, obligatory sense of support and get involved with people that truly matter.


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