Not a Race Thing- Most Cops Hate the Public

Mainstream media has this awesome job of using race as a vicious tool of denial. They would hate to actually say the truth. They would hate to say the makeup of a cop has actually fallen, and they are more likely to become an enemy of any member of the public, regardless of your race.

Teens – black, white, brown and more are consistently harassed by the billy goats in blue. Okay before you start acting like a heart attack of anger is within an inch, I will agree it’s not all cops. It’s just most cops.

There used to be a level of measurement when getting on the force. Height and weight limits were considered before the degree. How you responded in training, not a test was imperative. Yet, it has fallen to the idea of guys suffering short-man syndrome, and a destructive need to be proven right.

I love how these assholes on social media start licking ass with “let’s see when you need a cop!” Cops don’t prevent crime, hell they barely deter it anymore. If anything, they aggravate a situation, escalating it further until shots are fired. Maybe over 140 of them into two homeless people whose car back fired. Sure, you won’t hear me shout “fuck the police” from the rooftops, but I can admit I understand why people do it. Do you?

police-beating-kids NYC police beating victim w broken leg 001 126706967_e4256ade72 A-Bangladeshi-policeman-t-006 lady-gets-sprayed-by-police-brutality kelly-thomas-police-beating-500x299 police-girl-beating police-beating-football-fan Rampart_Beating police-brutality (1) Police-Brutality choke


Sure, not every person approached by a cop is innocent, but every person accosted by a police office isn’t a criminal. Bad cops are bad people – they do not get into the job to “help.” If you think becoming a cop makes you a hero, you are sadly mistaken.

Cops are ticket givers. They will pull you over on the side of the highway for driving above the speed limit, but first they will jump in the middle of traffic, bringing it to a stop and possibly making an illegal U-turn to do so.

Families and friends of cops protecting bad behavior is equally bad. Trust me, you are. You are the first one to carry that family badge with wife, husband, son, friend etc. on it – you are the first one to toss it in the face of people who piss you off, and yes, that makes you just as bad. Stick your badges straight up your asses, because REAL cops, the few that remain do nothing of that kind.

They hang up the badge when they clockout, go home quietly and try to remain happy with their families. They also keep their being a cop quiet, because they understand the danger involved if the wrong people know.

You assholes brandishing your badge like it means the law, are wrong. YOU are not the law. Your job is paid by the American taxpayer to conform to the law. The same set you consistently break every time you feel holier than thou, as you race after someone – threaten someone, or bully them.

The police do not have a fundamental right to protect you. Read this NY Times article regarding a landmark decision from the Supreme Court.




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