Facebook Permits Abuse/Murder Videos but Bans Breastfeeding Ones – Logic Combusts

A new video swirled on Facebook regarding a mother abusing her naked baby. Personally, I did not click the link – I encourage you not to. This is the same platform that will dismember a mother for lovingly caring for her baby by breastfeeding. Why does Facebook allow this? No amount of justifications are redeemable for the act that is approved.

You can report the video, but Facebook will tell you it doesn’t break their rules. That alludes to a few things – maybe Facebook is the culprit behind posting these videos to initiate a numbing effect.

I highly doubt the criminal posted it directly to their Facebook page, but someone had to. Sensationalism underscores views and defeats common sense, empathy and sympathy. There’s always the loser jackasses who issue a comment that isn’t funny, but thinks make them clever. Instead they are the lone turd on shit island. Others, unable to do anything but cry are enraged, wishing death – I can’t blame them.

Why is it allowed? Facebook has never really answered that question in detail. They once explained they permit the gory videos as long as someone isn’t celebrating the violence, but condemning it instead. Say what? No, let’s rephrase that. Facebook permits violent videos because the radical sensationalism dehumanizes people, resulting in a further societal decline, resulting in a further connection to your computer.

A previous study conducted showed millennials are aware of the dehumanizing effect of technology, but it doesn’t bother them as much as technology not being MORE personal to their needs.

Breastfeeding moms are mocked, belittled and disgraced for showing a natural boob giving life-sustaining product to a child. They are not promoting nudity or violence, yet they are shunned by the powers to be. Such moments of love shouldn’t be celebrated on Facebook, but rather share the video that depicts violence.

From there, anger, hatred and degradation of humanity is not only explored, but embraced. Wake up.



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