Cell Phones- the Wanted Scam of American Greed

It’s always baffling to see people fall into this rut thinking. The AT&T Next, T-Mobile’s JUMP, Verizon’s Edge and Sprint’s EasyPay way of thinking has muddied the brains of consumers. Between the payment plans for a phone, there are equally stupid family plans that have everyone wondering how to limit the data, or wonder why they are paying $300 for barely there 2G speeds.

There are perfectly good prepaid plans for less with pretty nice phones. “But I want the iPhone 6 Plus, but can’t afford it on a prepaid plan!” whines the brat. I have a perfectly simple solution for you – if you can’t afford it, buy something else.

Every day people in China are working in horrendous conditions to churn out the most wanted phone. The phone you are ready to make a car payment towards, and hate it within six months. This circle of consumption and greed has fueled the market for slave labor in foreign countries. Courtesy of the hungry American.

One of Apple’s major supplies came under fire last year due to the work conditions employees faced. Read the report here. Yet, people continue to fuel fire into this industry and it’s not just Apple. Samsung can join the melee as well.

Activists try to bring the awareness, but people aren’t listening. You’re too busy plugging in instead of listening up. The continued uprise of the phone industry shows more is just never enough.

There’s a very small percentage of people who need a smartphone to manage a business from start to finish, yet everyday people and teens are carrying around expensive phones. The funniest part? When the customers purchase from the dark companies, call in and bitch about a bill.

Say what?

You signed your conscious over to the digital devil and then want to call and talk about how amazing of a customer you are, because you pay your bill to an underpaid, overworked representative who has about as much leverage as a mosquito opening a window.

I have an easy fix for you.

Stop depending on technology.

Stop acting like you just can’t live without your phone.

Stop purchasing from the “lease” programs and high deductible insurance plans from mobile carriers.

Purchase prepaid. Purchase cheaper.

Stop killing yourself mentally, workers physically and the morale emotionally.

The world is in a further decline, but all you care about is that fucking phone.


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